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Sage Evolution

Provides an integrated, holistic view of your business   •   Comprehensive features, functionality and add-on modules   •   Robust management tool

Pastel Evolution

Are you finding it difficult to get an integrated and holistic view of your business? If so, it is time to revolutionise the way that you do business with Sage Evolution. By bringing all the aspects of your operating environment together, Sage Evolution is an ERP solution that gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Sage Evolution as a core product is feature-rich, but the add-on modules that are available make it a truly revolutionary ERP software solution.

Sage Evolution Accounting and all modules within the Sage Evolution range are subject to an annual renewal fee. This business model provides you with a number of important benefits including: updates and upgrades, first line telephonic and e-mail support. The compulsory annual renewal is payable on the anniversary date of registration of the application. It gives you peace of mind that you will always have the backup service, support and expertise you need.

The advanced add-on modules for this accounting software package include:

  • Account Consolidations
    Allows for the separate invoicing of branches, but with the added functionality of printing one customer statement at head office level.
  • Annuity Billing
    Provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Bank Statement Manager
    Populate your cash book electronically after bank statements have been imported.

  • Bill of Materials
    Create assembly sheets detailing each component making up the completed item.
  • Business Intelligence Centre
    Gain insights into your business through our automated Excel reporting tool.
  • Cash Manager
    Cash Manager provides businesses with a tool to introduce or improve debt collection processes.

  • Credit Risk Management
    Manage your potential customers' credit risk through a step-by-step process.
  • Fixed Assets
    Manage and organise fixed assets within your business.
    Product Brochure (135kb)
  • Information Alerts
    Streamline key processes within your business.

  • Job Costing
    Invoice jobs to customers.
  • Lot Tracking
    Track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number.
  • Manufacturing
    View a full audit trail of your manufacturing process and separate the process into work in progress and finished goods.

  • Mobile
    Access important business information on your mobile phone.
  • Multi-Currency
    Process customer and supplier transactions in their currency.
  • Multi-Warehousing
    Set-up and use multiple stores and warehouses.

  • Municipal Billing
    A billing and accounting solution that delivers essential operational information and that can create National Treasury reports.
    Product Brochure (2,1mb)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
    Cashier-based retail solution ideal for any till point.
  • Pricing Matrix
    Create volume or time-based price breaks and specify discounts by customer or group.

  • Procurement
    Manage purchase orders in your business and keep control of your purchases.
  • Resolve (CRM)
    Integrates all business activities providing you with a holistic view of your business.
    Product Brochure (3,9mb)
  • Serial Number Tracking
    Track items from date of purchase to date of sale.

No. of Users Multi-users, 1 - 1000+ users
No. of Companies Unlimited
Database required MSDE (1 up to 10 users), Microsoft® SQL Database (11+ users)

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