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Pastel Xpress

Ideal for small businesses   •   1-3 users   •   Multi-company

Pastel Express

Does your business have basic accounting needs? Then Pastel Xpress accounting software is perfect for you – regardless of whether you own a small or large business. Pastel Xpress automates common business processes, which makes the product easy to learn and use – enabling you to manage numbers with ease and confidence. And as your business grows, there are add-on modules that increase the functionality of this accounting software – all at the click of a button!

Sage Pastel Xpress business accounting software has diverse functionality and benefits

  • Sage Pastel Xpress Version 12 complies with the SARS requirement for issuing electronic documents, including the required 128 bit PDF encryption
  • Sage Pastel’s Setup Assistant allows you to create a company with an easy to use installation tutorial
  • Parameters per customer can be configured
  • The drill down functionality allows you to click on any item from any report and see further details
  • Age analyses of customers and suppliers can be conducted. Outstanding balances can be viewed by ageing period
  • Utilise the graphic reporting feature to view trends (For example: sales, inventory movement and expense allocation)
  • Track your inventory items in as much detail as is required
  • The invoicing function is simple and intuitive; the invoice software allows for the linking of quotations and sales orders, and the customisation of document layouts
  • PDF printing, E-mailing and Faxing options available
  • Sage Pastel Cover gives you all the help your business needs (Including free unlimited support for 30 days upon registering)

No. of Users 1 upgradeable to 3 users
No. of Companies Unlimited

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