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More time. More productivity. More Control.

Version 18 now available

Your business is growing and it’s essential that you have the right software to help you succeed. We understand that finding the recipe for business success can be tricky. Our holistic software solution for small sized businesses includes the tools you need to gain control of your business.

You can automate key business processes and gain the confidence you need to make important decisions. Service and support is just a phone call away, when you need it. Now you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important and that’s running and growing your business.

Key Features:

Smart and intuitive accounting software

We’ve developed our software with your specific business environment in mind. Our software comes with a single user and unlimited company licence with the ability to purchase up to 2 additional user licences. You’ll be able to store 5 years of transactional data while being able to process the current financial year as well as one back. You can create a maximum of 30 cash books and the inclusion of a General Ledger goes without saying. You can also feel confident that your accounting software will always be SARS compliant.

Unlimited expert software support

We appreciate that in order for your company to run smoothly, you’ll need software maintenance and support. We’ve got real people waiting on the line to help you. Unlimited telephonic support, free software upgrades, access to the exclusive Sage Pastel Customer Zone and discounted training are just some of the benefits and it’s all included in your annual licence fee agreement.

Say goodbye to manual bank reconciliations

We know that reconciling your bank account can take hours, if not days to complete. We can help by making your bank recons a breeze with Sage Pastel Bank Manager. It simplifies things by automating the whole process, saving you loads of time.

Business reporting at a click of a button

Creating the perfect report can be very time-consuming. Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting (BIC) automates you reporting process so that you can focus on actually analysing the information to make informed decisions with confidence. Use the standard report templates or design your own report templates in Microsoft Excel and update them straight from your Sage Pastel software.

Sage Pastel Mobility

Empower and mobilize your workforce to generate sales from invoices using our new mobile app. With full search functionality and the ability to lookup your customers based on location. You will be able find your customers and conduct business on the road.

My Customer's Zone

Allow your customers to self service on the My Customer's Zone. Your customer will have a unique portal for them to view their statements and invoices as well as pay their invoices on this secure portal allowing you, the Pastel customer, to get paid faster.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration*

View at-a-glance customer or supplier specific information without having to switch between your Sage software and Microsoft Outlook. Cloud Backup integrates directly into your Sage software, enabling you to schedule automatic backups of your data to OneDrive.

* Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium only.

Forms Assistant

Creating professional looking documents and statements is a breeze with our new Forms Assistant feature. Use the Forms Assistant to enhance the look and feel of your printed or e-mailed documents and statements. All this in a few easy steps:

  • Choose a colour template
  • Insert your company logo
  • Finalise your selection

Microsoft Office 365 Integration*

Sage Contact
The Sage Contact add-on is accessed from Microsoft Outlook. It surfaces “at-a-glance”. Partner V18 specific information about a contact (customer or supplier) with no need to switch between different applications.

Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup integrates directly into Partner V18, enabling you to schedule backups and configure notifications from the desktop.
* Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium only.

In-product Live Chat (South Africa customers only)

Need help from one of our savvy support consultants? We’ve got you covered! All from within your accounting software package.

Sage Pastel Accounting: on-the-go

With our new mobile app, you can now look up details for customer and inventory items, process quotes from your mobile device, and find customers near to your current location.

Automatically import bank statements with Bank Manager

You know that reconciling your bank account can take hours - if not days - to complete. We can help by making your bank recons simpler and faster with Sage Pastel Bank Manager and it’s Automatic Bank Feeds* feature. It automates the whole process, including the import of statement files straight from your internet banking profile - saving you loads of time.
* Available in certain countries only. Contact your nearest Sage Pastel office for more information.

Get a bird's-eye-view of your business with Intelligent Business Reporting

You know the importance of making the right decisions for your business at the right time. With a reporting tool this powerful, your decisions will always be accurately informed. It includes eight ready-to-use management reports that can easily be customised to match the precise needs of your business.

Make online payments straight from your accounting application with a Sage Pay account

Sage Pastel’s latest Supplier Payments feature means you can avoid unnecessary late-payment penalties and additional interest fees.
It’s easy, fast, and most importantly, it’s cheaper than paying via your traditional internet banking channels.

Make sure customers can find you online

More and more customers are searching for products and services on the Internet. But without a professional online presence they might not know you even exist. We will help you create and manage your own website and online store.
We’ll make it easy for you to do business on the web and can also help you with social media and online marketing campaigns. We integrate all the relevant data with your Sage Pastel accounting package so that online orders and quotes feed straight into our software. So as you change information like product prices and stock levels, your online store will update automatically.

Always on - the very latest version of software

With Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage you will always be working with the very latest version of our software. The automatic update feature means that if there’s ever an update or upgrade to the software, you’ll automatically receive them via the web. No more DVDs and installation hassles. With Pastel Xpress Advantage you will never need to re-install another thing.

Forms Assistant

Create professional looking documents and statements in a few easy clicks.

Favourites Option

Add your favourite or most used options to our new Favourites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access. Easily customise the order of these options within the Favourites menu for even more convenience.

Unlimited expert software support

As a Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage customer, practical, expert support is only a phone call away. Our contact centre recently won Best Help Desk at the World Contact Centre Awards. And its people are waiting to help you. Unlimited telephonic support, free software upgrades, access to the exclusive Sage Pastel Customer Zone, and discounted training are all additional benefits included in your annual licence fee agreement.
Make an offsite backup of all your critical data, in a 100% secure way with IronTree
Modern businesses rely on data. It ensures that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid, and all the information to enable decision-making is readily available. Losing data can create very serious problems indeed.
But we will make sure all of yours is always safe and always secure.
With Version 17, you get 90 days free access to this product!

Add-on Modules for Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage:

Point of Sale
A powerful and secure retail solution suitable for small and medium sized retail businesses.

Sage Pastel Point of Sale (POS): An affordable, simple and secure payment handing retail solution for small and medium businesses
Powerful, yet easy to set-up and operate, Sage Pastel POS is keyboard friendly for fast processing. Simple screens and large display areas make this cashier-based system ideal for any till point. Sage Pastel POS interfaces with most popular barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays. Once installed and set up, tellers can be trained and working in record time.

Sage Pastel’s Point of Sale security features helps prevent potential theft
Since Sage Pastel’s POS system is fully integrated, POS makes use of the security controls within Sage Pastel Accounting, as well as allow you to assign access per user in POS.

Sage Pastel Point of Sale Back Office and Reporting features
POS integrates seamlessly with Sage Pastel Xpress or Sage Pastel Partner, therefore all the stock reports that you have become accustomed to using, are available for reporting POS transactions. Additional back office functionality includes supplier processing, account payments, viewing customer age analyses and statements. Using Sage Pastel’s advanced stock control and price matrix; you are able to determine pricing per customer, volume based discounts and special prices.
Debtors Manager
Get serious about getting paid with Sage Pastel Debtors Manager software
The Debtors Manager module helps you to optimise your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtor’s book.

  • Keep track of all calls made to customers and the promises they make.
  • Instantly link your notes and the Age Analysis balances in a single report.
  • Create daily call back reminders and action lists for easy follow-up.
  • Track all outstanding invoices, For every outstanding invoice you will know:
    • Why it is outstanding
    • When it will be paid
    • What has been done to collect it, and what actions you should take?
  • Select from a menu of up-to-date and accurate cash flow reports.
  • Drill down and get reconciliation’s of invoices outstanding per aging category per customer.
  • Email clear and concise payment reminders for every single overdue invoice per customer.
  • Track movement in balances per customer and per aging category with the Age Analysis Movement Report.

Training Courses for Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage

Sage Pastel offers a range of product training solutions to ensure that you are proficient in the use of your accounting software, ERP software or business software.

Whether you are a professional and an already experienced Sage Pastel user or just a beginner, Sage Pastel's training solutions will assist you to contribute to your company's overall success, and you will feel more confident to get the maximum use out of your accounting software.

All courses are designed to give you hands on, practical accounting software training in a classroom environment. Furthermore, training is provided though our Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centres (ATCs), with highly experienced trainers providing you with the knowledge and guidance you require during the course.

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